Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

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The recent death of Elizabeth II of England has completely changed the agenda of authorities and world leaders. The meticulous ceremonial protocol that has been carried out these days, which the queen was in charge of before she died, culminated with the funeral on September 19, which was broadcast live around the world, reaching millions of people same time, no matter where they are.

It was a funeral without precedent in history. The long reign of Elizabeth II, as well as her importance in historical terms, has marked a before and after. Despite her age, her sudden death has caused a large number of authorities to travel these days to both London and Edinburgh. Such has been the importance, that the Archbishop of Westminster himself said that the speech he gave at the queen's funeral will transcend like never before in history, due to the great media impact of the act, as well as the large number of representatives, from all guy, they've moved to London..

Source: Europe Press / BBC.

Unlike other monarchs, the death of Elizabeth II has had a huge media impact, as well as an unprecedented number of trips to the British capital. Technological development, together with greater and better access to travel, have allowed us to qualify it as historical in numerical terms.

The funeral involves an important device that combines both security and protocol elements. His coffin was transferred early in the morning to Westminster Abbey, where the solemn funeral took place, attended by nearly 2,000 people, including more than 500 heads of state and high-ranking dignitaries.

Subsequently, the coffin, which was transferred with all the corresponding honours, many of them from the military court, began its journey to the Wellington Arch and, from there, it will head towards Windsor Castle, where it was buried in the Chapel of Jorge VI, together with her husband Felipe de Edinburgh, and whose act was reserved exclusively for members of the British royal family.

Along the route, an unprecedented display was made, as a large number of attendees turned out, and the coffin was accompanied by King Charles III and his wife, the Queen consort, Camilla of Cornwall, as well as the Prince of Wales and future King, William, Princess Anne, the former Prince Andrew and Henry Charles Albert David, former Duke of Sussex. In fact, the coffin traveled through a multitude of secondary roads until it reached Windsor, so that many British people and travelers displaced for this purpose could participate in the farewell ceremony.

Source: Europa Press / BBC.

The security deployment has not only been arranged with respect to the funeral procession and its companions, but the British Security Forces and Corps have had to organize, in just ten days, a major security operation, in order to guarantee the security of the heads of state, dignitaries and representatives who have attended the Queen's funeral.

London has had to welcome, in just 10 days, visitors from all over the world, reaching a hotel occupancy of around 95%. Many of these visitors have come from all over the UK and Commonwealth. This, in turn, has highlighted the need for specialization in this type of event, which many providers of accommodation, gastronomy and transport require. The little room for maneuver left by these events can, in many cases, collapse even the best prepared and most visited cities, as has been the case in London.

In addition, the funeral was attended by authorities from a large number of countries and territories, including Joe Biden, Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Juan Carlos I and Queen Emeritus Sofía, Emmanuel Macron, the Emperor of Japan Naruhito and his wife Empress Masako, Justin Trudeau, King Willem-Alexander and Máxima of the Netherlands, Beatrix of the Netherlands, Carl Gustav and Silvia of Sweden, Prince Frederick of Denmark and Queen Margaret, Harald and Sonia of Norway, Charlene and Albert of Monica, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and his wife María Teresa, Matilde and Felipe of Belgium, Abdalá II and Rania of Jordan, Úrsula von der Leyen, Charles Michel or Jacinda Ardern, among many other representations. Many of them have been treated and housed in their respective diplomatic missions, although part of the delegations have had to do so in hotels and villas designated for this purpose. Finally, it should be noted that, despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II was the head of the Anglican Church, the Vatican has decided to displace her Secretary of State to show her respect.

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